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For more than 3 decades, we at Stanley and Sons Roofing have been the go-to guys of New Jersey property owners who need professional help in various roof maintenance tasks and roofing repairs. We have successfully helped numerous clients from Williamstown, Turnersville, and Washington Township by providing them efficient solutions to their roofing problems. Please dial 856-227-9555 to learn more about our affordable but reliable repair and maintenance services. 

Roofing Repairs that We Perform

As roofing specialists, our expertise in performing various roofing repairs is considered second to none. The repairs that we can perform practically cover all problems that are normally experienced by property owners. Specifically, we can provide our clients in Williamstown, NJ and other select areas in the state with professional help in any of these roofing concerns:

  • Leaks. Leaking roofs are the most common problems that property owners have to deal with. When not addressed at once, small leaks can get bigger and cost potentially wallet-draining problems. Our service crew will identify leaking spots and then troubleshoot or replace damaged components to contain the leaks.
  • Blown-off and missing shingles. There are times when strong winds and hailstorms cause some shingles to fly off or get torn apart. In such case, further damage may happen that could result in expensive repairs in the future. Our people will ensure that missing shingles are properly repaired or replaced to prevent further damages. We will also ensure that only premium and identical shingles are used in the repair job.
  • Damaged roof-mounted attic fans. Roof-mounted attic fans help lower down power bills on heating and cooling. So when they get damaged in any way, you can expect your electricity bill to shoot up significantly. Through our immediate action, your attic can stay cool and your indoors will become significantly cooler.
  • Broken vent pipe boots and collars. When these roofing components get damaged, water can trickle down to your interior spaces and wreak further problems. Accordingly, we will immediately fix such concern through time-tested techniques.
  • Damaged skylights. If your skylights get damaged by accident or because of normal wear and tear, our people will perform the necessary repairs quickly. We can also replace them with premium skylights from Velux.

Why Avail Our Roof Repair Services?

There are a lot of great reasons why you should avail our offered services. First, we have certified personnel who can perform all basic and advanced roofing repairs with guaranteed success the first time. Our people follow a meticulous repair process that allows them to identify the source of the problem, decide on the best solution, and perform the needed repair tasks.

Meanwhile, since we have asphalt shingles and other materials in our inventory, we can immediately complete all roofing repairs. Our company possesses complete tools and equipment plus the required logistics to serve clients anywhere in NJ, including Williamstown. We also have competitive prices and convenient payment options to make things easier for you.

Lastly, we offer warranty to our workmanship against errors or neglect on our part. This will give you the ultimate assurance that should we fail to perform our jobs efficiently, we will work again on the repair job at no additional cost to you.

Call us now at 856-227-9555.

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