Roof Mount Attic Fans

Our roof mount attic fans are your best overall investment in attic ventilation. Our attic fans move the greatest volume of hot and/or humid air from your attic, saving you more in heating and cooling costs than any other type of ventilation.

  • Reduces Energy Costs and saves money
  • Mounts on the back of your roof
  • Blows hot air outside and cools your attic
  • Helps prolong life of your roof and shingles

It is no secret that during any given summer day, your attic can reach temperatures above 150 degrees. This unwanted heat can have a significant effect on your indoor comfort. As hot air rises, it gets trapped inside your attic. It is this reason you need an attic fan.
Attic Fan Concept

An attic fan is an easy and affordable solution to unbearable heat and high cooling cost during the summer. The fan operates on a thermostat that you have the ability to control. Without an attic fan, hot air accumulates in your attic, warming the entire house and putting a heavy tax on your air conditioning system. With an attic fan, hot air is automatically replaced with cooler outside air, which reduces the burden on air conditioners, protects heat-sensitive equipment in the attic and helps keep you and your house cool.

Attic Fan Concept

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