Something as natural as weather, or even time, can provide enough to warrant a roof repair. In our area, the most common materials used for a roof on residential housing are asphalt shingles. Our weather here in the South Jersey area can be extremely stressful on any roof, including shingles. Intense heat, humidity, heavy rains and the occasional hail are more than enough to create damage, as little as a small indentation on a shingle, which may begin the steady process of water snaking its way through your roof deck and beyond. We understand that the common homeowner does not tend to spend a lot of time on their rooftop on a regular basis. We are more than happy to give your entire roof a thorough inspection and confirm the condition of your roof at any time.

Determining a problem and undergoing early roof repair can save you thousands of dollars. This is not including the unfortunate situation of extensive renovations that could occur INSIDE of your home. A leaky roof is a problem demanding immediate attention.

Procrastination on your part will drastically increase damages.

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If you are suspicious that the first line of defense protecting you and your family is being compromised, there is no need to wait on calling the experts here at Stanley and Sons Roofing.  The longer you tend to wait, the more extensive the damage will be to your home.

Some possible situations that could lead to a roof repair include:

  • Prolonged neglect or age
  • Previous, untreated damage
  • Weather-related damage due to high winds, hail and extreme heat
  • Falling debris from trees
  • Animals gaining access via trees
  • Improper installation from a previous contractor

Just a few of the possible problems that we will proudly take care of include:

Skylight Maintenance and Chimney Flashing

-We will clean all glass on your existing skylights and reseal all potential problem areas
-We will examine and review the flashing for your fireplace. These areas tend to be platforms for potential roofing issues. We ensure that our maintenance help prevent any problems before they are likely to start.

Vent Pipe Boots/Collars

A major, often overlooked problem begins with the vent pipe collars on your home. These are the flashing that help seal the PVC pipes that are exiting your roof.  There is a reliable rubber seal on the boots that wrap around the pipe to help prevent water from traveling down the pipe and entering the interior of your home. Often times this rubber will deteriorate due to constant exposure to the weather. Extremes in heat, cold, wind and rain make it necessary to change these vent pipe collars when damage is apparent.

Blow Offs/Missing Shingles

High winds that we tend to experience in the area add to the possibility of your roof encountering blown off shingles. Not only does this give your home an unsightly appearance, but it also makes your home highly susceptible to further damage due to lack of protection. We will match the existing color of your roof and make sure all shingles are sealed down to prevent water from entering your home.

Our roof repairs will provide you with instant peace of mind. Value, quality and efficiency best describes our work.

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